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Mobilise your crisis response plans

Crisis Commander

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How Crisis Commander Works

Whether your concern is major accidents, man-made or natural disasters, supply-chain disruptions, IT outages or security breaches, Everbridge Crisis Commander can be an invaluable resource for crisis communication and response. Once your teams have been notified and mobilised, Crisis Commander then provides mobile collaborative capabilities where information, recovery plans and crisis event checklists can be shared and reviewed. Task statuses across the organisation can be tracked centrally and key decision points can be easily escalated and monitored. Ideas and recommendations can be shared between teams and individuals regardless of their physical location.

Crisis Commander lets you quickly put your response plans in the pocket of every employee. Response team members have access to a mobile framework and communications infrastructure to notify people, mobilise response team members, execute contingency plans and effectively collaborate while keeping key stake holders informed.

Crisis Commander Collaboration

Crisis, Emergency and BC Plans

Crisis Commander enables administrators to distribute: Contingency Plans, Documents, Contact Lists and Meeting Agendas to “Child” Systems to maintain global consistency of BC practices and procedures. Teams can setup:

  • Automatic Reminders to Revise and Update Plans
  • Automatic built-in reminders help users keep plans, documents, contact and essential items up-to-date
  • Customise task lists depending on role and type or incident and automatically track task completion

Contextual Message Delivery

Leverage the power of the Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform to automate outreach via SMS, email, push notifications and more, to communicate globally with employees – both currently working and scheduled for a future shift.

“Crisis Commander provides an overview and status for all our subsidiaries in the case of a crisis. The notification feature has shown itself to be very effective.”

Bjarne Jarberg, Security Manager, Det Berlingske Officin A/S

Situation Report, Log & To-Do List

Log every action completed within Crisis Commander automatically with a time and date stamp in the central log. The log provides a detailed record of what actions were taken, when and by whom enabling the response leaders to focus upon more critical tasks. To-Do lists track new items to still be completed.

Virtual Meeting Rooms

Launch meetings quickly with pre-set, flexible agendas for crisis response activities to improve meeting effectiveness. All meeting agendas are fully flexible and can be activated and updated in real-time. All minutes taken, and decisions made during the meeting are logged with a time and date stamp.


  • Integrated with Everbridge Critical Event Management Platform
  • Mobile collaboration and control at your fingertips
  • Increased response efficiency
  • Greater audit accountabilities
  • Standardised business continuity processes